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Supply Chain Community of Thought Leaders

16 May 2019

16 May 2019


Attendees: Dharmesh, Ashish, Anand M, Umesh M, Anand B, Venu, Amit, Chetan, Mani, Anoop, Sudip

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

  1. Presentation made by Dr. Amit Shekhar, CEO, Igloble on Connected Vehicles. The presentation is attached.

  2. The forum agreed on the name i.e. Council of Supply Chain Leaders. The costs associated (one time and recurring) was shared and agreed by the forum. The process of registration of Company under section 8 will be taken up immediately after the meeting.

  3. A short presentation was made  on Supply Chain Skilling initiatives by govt. and how members of this forum could contribute to this initiative. The presentation is attached herewith.

  4. Umesh M offered to jointly negotiate a solution for Drivers' gratification and insurance service on per trip basis. The presentation is attached. 

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