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Developing Supply Chain Competencies
Accelerating Careers

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Based on our experience, we have identified most common supply chain competencies and developed training programs. The efficacy of these programs has been tested and backed with clients' testimonials.  These programs can be easily customized to each organization's needs incorporating stakeholders' inputs.

Why should you go for our Training Programs?

  • Designed and delivered by industry experts

  • Aligned to the latest needs and challenges of the industry

  • Cover both science (hard skills) and art (soft skills) required to perform jobs efficiently and effectively

  • Right blend of theory, simulation, case studies, group activities and role plays

  • Backed up with pre and post training assessments for measurable outcomes

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Training Programs

Masterclass in Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning senses the changes in marketplace & synchronizes the response.....

SC Planning.png

Masterclass in Logistics Management

Logistics is the lifeline that is increasingly becoming Intelligent, Integrated .....


 Negotiation Skills for Effective Selling

Sales negotiation skills are critical for value-based selling & winning deals....

Negotiation 2.jpg

Spend Analysis & Strategic Procurement

Procurement has transitioned from Cost Management to Strategic Value Creation..... 


Advanced Negotiation Skills for Procurement

Every rupee saved is a rupee earned. Win-win negotiation is both art and science .....

Negotiation 1.jpg

Distribution Centre Operations Excellence

Distribution Centers are replacing traditional warehousing & storage.....

Image by Adrian Sulyok

You may download the brochure of Training Programs below. Please feel free to contact with your queries by filling in the enquiry form.

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