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Company: A leading Cement Manufacturer in India

Engagement: Competency mapping and gap assessment for the Logistics function spread over 17 plants, 4 regional offices and 27 sales offices

Project Approach:

  • Used SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Framework) for mapping the roles to competencies

  • Validation and assessment by studying the organizational goals, processes and activities in details; extensive site visits and job shadowing; interviewing employees and managers 

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Identified and detailed out 22 Functional and 8 Behavioral  Key Competencies along with the observed gaps

  • Detailed out learning and development interventions and program outlines to address competency gaps

  • Created training budget and identified relevant training partners for developing and delivering training programs

ACC Case Study

Company: A leading German MNC in Personal Healthcare

Engagement: Support the Supply Chain competency development of the organization to support the business for high growth rate while improving efficiency and service levels

Project Approach:

The multi-year engagement approach to prepare the supply chain organization for the existing and future challenges was adopted.

  • PHASE 1 (2015): Building integrated and systems thinking in supply chain. This was achieved through taking the entire supply chain team through Experiential Learning using online simulation The Fresh Connection.

  • PHASE 2 (2016): Workshop on drivers of Supply Chain Performance that included functional as well as behavioral aspects. The participants brainstormed on the key priorities and identified projects on Working Capital, Customer service, Cost Efficiency and Quality.

  • PHASE 3 (2017): Masterclass in Supply Chain Planning was organized for deeper learning on the science of supply chain planning that included supply chain segmentation, S&OP, forecasting techniques, inventory planning, production scheduling.

  • PHASE 4 (2018): Planned Masterclass in Logistics management and Masterclass in Sourcing and Procurement.

Outcomes Delivered:

  • High impact projects with tangible results were delivered by the teams by applying learning acquired through the program

Nivea Case Study

Company: A leading Medical Devices and Supplies Company

Engagement: Assess the competencies and deliver learning & development interventions for the corporate supply chain organization

Project Approach:

  • The entire program was divided into 2 phases spread over 12 weeks

  • Each phase had on-the-job projects assigned to teams post delivery of the program and teams were coached & mentored through-out the project implementation

  • Pre-learning assessments used to identify gaps and design the content

  • The learning content was made interactive and  based on activities, simulation and case studies relevant to the organization

Outcomes Delivered:

  • 5 High impact projects with tangible results were delivered by the teams by applying learning acquired through the program

  • 37% improvement in the assessment scores post program delivery

BD Case Study

Company: A leading Automotive Lubricants Company

Engagement: Prepare Learning Toolkit for the  30 outsourced warehouse and CFA operations, for all levels of 500+ staff, to ensure that they understand, implement and execute the Castrol processes effectively

Project Approach:

  • Given the large population to be addressed in a cost-effective manner as well as need for having a repeatable structure, different types of training interventions were explored

  • Finally zeroed on e-learning mode of delivery for the supervisors and managers and training videos for the operators

  • Creating highly engaging & interactive material that focused on not just WHAT and HOW but also WHY for every recommended practices

  • Simulated actual real-life situations story-boarding using  characters and animation that people could closely relate with

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Delivered 12 hours of e-learning and 1 hour of training videos covering various aspects of warehouse processes, documentation, health and safety

  • Implemented Learning Management System for auto assignment of modules depending on the job roles, delivering the modules, pre & post learning assessments and tracking all the activities using extensive reporting feature

  • Regularly update and upgrade the learning modules as per needs of the organization

Castro Case Study

Company: A leading Consumer Durable Company

Engagement: Developing collaborative behavior across end to end supply chain using Experiential Learning

Project Approach:

  • Studied end-to-end process, organization structure, roles and critical inter and intra-functional interfaces

  • Assessed gaps and prioritized development plan

  • Carried out Business Simulation (The Fresh Connection) based experiential learning program – Collaborate2Win

  • Integrated behavioral skills simulations for Influencing skills

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Developed the awareness and need for collaborating across supply chain by demonstrating the impact on the business through simulation

  • Identified high impact cross-functional projects across various business categories through brainstorming and assigned to teams followed by coaching & mentoring sessions

Philips Case Study
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