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Supply Chain Risks Management Case

Teaching Objectives

  • Map and analyse a specific company’s Supply Chain and identify potential issues

  • Analyse the potential impact of sudden short-term demand & supply risks and develop risks mitigation plan to deal with uncertainty

  • Identify to the potential medium to long term risks and develop risks mitigation plan

How to use the Case

  • Introduce the case to the students through introductory video and case documents

  • Share the link and steps to register and access the simulation, with the students

  • Assign the deliverables of the case to be submitted by the students

  • Evaluate the submissions based on their understanding of the situation and application of their knowledge of risks management

Watch Teaching Case Demo Webinar

Accessing The Fresh Connection Simulation

  1. Go to the webpage and click on the link "No account yet? Register as a new user". 

  2. During the registration process you can define your own password, which should meet the following requirements: 

    • minimum of 8 characters, of which: · minimum 1 CAPITAL 

    • minimum 1 number (123) 

    • minimum 1 non-alphanumerical symbol (!?#) 

  3. After registration you will receive a confirmation email on the email address you have  specified as username. Follow the instructions in this confirmation email. 

  4. After registration has been completed, you can now log into the platform again at, using the specified email address and the password you created. On the screen that opens then, there is a field called "Code entry". Here you can insert the course code RISKSTCASE and click on submit. 

  5. After inserting the course code and potentially refreshing the page, you should now find a widget on the right-hand side of the screen called TFC - Teaching Case Risk Student

  6. By clicking on Enter Simulation, you can get into the system and see the screens with the required company data. 

Teaching Aids and Case Documents

  1. Introductory Video ​

  2. Case Description

  3. Case Questions

  4. Teaching Notes

Please note that students will get an access to these documents (other than teaching notes), once they register at the link given above. There is no need for the teacher to share any documents with the students.

Happy Teaching!

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